Nikita and Lea

nikita-and-lea-3I live in the south west of Sydney. Like most people, I usually go to a local cafe to buy a coffee before I start the day. While I was waiting in the queue on this particular day, I saw a tiny dog running in and out. Everyone was going about their business. I just assumed the owner was nearby.

But I could tell the dog was agitated and frantic and when I asked if anyone owned the dog, I was met with head shakes and shrugs. And then she raced straight up to me and looked up. Although I have been around dogs my whole life, I didn’t know how to handle her. She was about 2 kilos.

She had no microchip. Over the next few weeks we put up posters in the neighbourhood and uploaded her photo on lost and found websites. It soon became clear that her owners had abandoned her at the cafe.

nikita-and-lea-2That’s how Nikita came into our lives. We named her Nikita because she was a winner after all. Ever year in Australia, thousands of healthy animals like Nikita that can’t find homes are euthanised in this country. If she hadn’t come into our lives, Nikita could have been one of these statistics.
My husband and I are over 180 centimetres tall. Walking a dog that is a few kilos in weight does attract a bit of attention. She also needs to wear a bell because we need to be sure that it’s safe to take a step! Our other dog, Elvis, is over 60 kilos in weight, so walking the two of them does require focus.

That day started off like any other but turned our lives upside down. She is a special member of the family now and we cannot imagine life without her.

I encourage people to open their hearts, minds and homes to an animal that needs a loving family.

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